Centre for Intelligent anNetworked Systems (CINS)
Central Queensland University, Australia

Centre for Intelligent and Networked Systems (CINS) is focused on conducting research in the areas of Computational Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Networks and their applications in ICT industry. Networks provide the mathematical underpinning for the formal analysis of networked behavior and Computational Intelligence including pattern recognition provides the techniques for individual behavior. 

The Centre’s major concentration is around the two strong research clusters such as Networks from Mathematical Sciences (FOR 01) and Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition from Information and Computing Sciences (FOR 08). The 4-digit and 6-digit field of research codes/key research areas for the centre are as follows. 

0801 Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing0102 Applied Mathematics 
080101 Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics 
080103 Computer Graphics 
080104 Computer Vision 
080105 Expert Systems 
080106 Image Processing 
080108 Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation 
080109 Pattern Recognition and Data Mining 
080110 Simulation and Modelling 
080111 Virtual Reality and Related Simulation 
010201 Approximation Theory and Asymptotic Methods 
010202 Biological Mathematics
010203 Calculus of Variations, Systems Theory and Control Theory
010204 Dynamical Systems in Applications
010205 Financial Mathematics 
010206 Operations Research 
010207 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
010299 Applied Mathematics not elsewhere classified

The Centre’s main goals are to publish high quality publications, secure ARC funding, produce on-time RHD completions, provide mentoring to early career researchers, and maintain high ERA ranking.